10 Tips To Minimize Dog Hair In Your Life

Shedding is one of the few downsides to having a pet. Although all dogs shed to some degree, certain breeds – like Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, and Lhasa Apsos – lose a very minimal amount of hair compared to others.

Regular brushing and frequent vacuuming are the two best ways to manage excess dog hair in your home, car, and on your clothes, but what about those stubborn tumbleweeds?

Follow these 10 tips and tricks for a hair-free (or at least hair-minimal) life!

1. Change Air Filters Frequently

Image Credit: Flickr |Rachel Larson


Air filters in an average pet-free home should be changed every 90 days. That recommendation jumps up to every 60 days with the addition of one pet, and every 20 – 45 days if you have multiple pets.


2. Choose Hardwood or Tile Floors

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Hard flooring allows stray hairs to gather in corners and baseboards forming easy to sweep up furballs. Carpets, on the other hand, tend to trap hair leading to constant vacuuming and maintenance for dog parents.


3. Choose Non-Fabric Furniture

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If you love to snuggle up on the sofa with your pup – and who doesn’t? – consider purchasing leather, faux leather or vinyl couches, love seats and chairs. Fabrics catch and trap hair while shedding on smooth, non-fabric surfaces can be easily brushed away.


4. Cover Fabric Furniture & Bedding

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If faux leather just isn’t your style, try protecting your fabric furniture and bedding with throw blankets or covers. These can be easily tossed into the washer when they get too hairy.


5. Squeegee Carpets

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They’re not just for high-rise window washing! A rubber squeegee is a fabulous tool for pulling embedded pet hairs out of furniture and carpets. The hair balls up into an easy to dispose of mass as you drag the rubber blade along soft surfaces.


6. Use Rubber Gloves

Image Credit: Flickr | RussellStreet


For spot-cleaning on sofas or fabric car seats, just slap on a pair of rubber kitchen gloves! The clingy material draws the hair so all you have to do is run your gloved hands over the area you are cleaning.


7. Try A Dry Sponge

A dry sponge can also do the trick in a pinch. Designate one for spot-cleaning in your home and keep one in your car for quick cleanups after the dog park.


8. Hair Rollers

Image Credit: Flickr | K. Steudel


Lint rollers are an obvious choice for quick hair removal from clothing. These are another great item to keep in your car so you don’t find yourself heading out on the town with fur all over your best outfit!


9. Tape

Image Credit: Flickr | Sabrina Eras


Packing tape, duct tape, masking tape – any kind will do the trick! Wrap your tape of choice in a loop around your hand with the sticky side up and press away stray hairs. When the tape fills up, simply tear off a new piece and repeat. Packing tape is my favorite and a cheaper alternative to lint rollers.


10. Static Guard Your Clothes

Image Credit: Flickr | Andrew Smith


The same anti-static spray that keeps your clothes from clinging can also protect against pet hair. Spray lightly over clothes, furniture, or bedding to break the charge that holds fur on fabrics.


Featured Image via Flickr | Reader of the Pack

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