60 Dogs & Dozens Of Other Animals Rescued From Suspected Mill Operation

Over 100 animals are now safe, thanks to police who seized them and brought them to safety.

In Atlanta Georgia, the Fulton County police received a tip that a possible mill operation was being held in a commercial building. There, they found 60 dogs, 53 lizards, a rabbit, and a piranha being held in filthy, neglectful conditions. Officers spent all day rescuing each and every one of the animals, taking the Bulldog mixes to the Fulton County Animal Shelter.



“The owner of the dogs and an associate were arrested,” explains a story by AJC.com. “According to police, Marcellus Alston and Monic Harrish face 37 counts of cruelty to animals.”

The suspects are also being investigated for other types of unspecified criminal activity.

We’re so glad these animals are finally in safe hands, and hope that they are able to find loving forever homes.

(h/t:  AJC.com)

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