After Losing Her Cat, This Actress’ New Rescue Dog “Brought Her Back To Life”

After the heartbreaking loss of her 18-year-old cat named Lynx back in March, Nina Dobrev has started to heal thanks to a new furry friend. The Vampire Diaries actress announced in April that she was adopting a rescue dog, and their relationship has since grown into a powerful bond.

Hi. My name is Maverick Do(g)brev. I like long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners in doggie bowls. I have a brother named Goose and we're both 9 weeks old. I keep hearing the giants around us say that we're half Border Collie half Aussie Shepard, but I guess we won't know for sure until we get a DNA test. We stayed at this hotel called @the_pet_care_foundation for a little while, and it wasn't too bad, but I'm SO much happier where I am now. I have a yard, and toys, and a new mommy. Don't tell her I said this, but I find it strange she has no fur anywhere except for her head. But she always rubs my tummy and showers me with love, so her lack of hair doesn't bother me too much. Goose and I still get to play all the time since my auntie @cheeklane fostered him until he finds a forever home, so that's cool too. I'm really hoping someone in their friend circle keeps him so we can continue to hang out because I love him very much. Mommy said that if it wasn't for @puppyluvla she wouldn't have found me, so I'd like to send a special Wuff Wuff to them. And to @the_pet_care_foundation for sheltering us until mommy came to rescue us. We appreciated all the food you gave us while we stayed with you. Anyway, mom's calling, she doesn't love it when I'm on social media too much, especially when it's so sunny and beautiful out.. she says I need to get more vitamin D. Whatever that is. She's already trying to teach me tricks, and I love to impress her, so I'm going to go show her how smart I am. I'll take some videos so you can see how smart I am too. Did I mention I'm super smart? Oh, and I'm the cutest puppy in the world. That's what my mommy says. Puppy Love, Maverick 🐶❤️

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“Meet Maverick,” is what Dobrev posted on Instagram alongside a picture of her new pet cheesing for the camera with a bow in her fur. The Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix was a rescue at The Pet Care Foundation in Los Angeles when Dobrev met her and fell in love. Maverick’s big eyes and wagging tail seemed to pull the actress out of her grief, and the two are now the best of friends.

Dobrev said in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar,

“She rescued me as much as I rescued her. I was so lost after Lynx passed, but Maverick brought me back to life.”

During the few months they’ve been together, Dobrev and Maverick have been going on public outings where people can’t help but admire the well-behaved rescue dog. Dobrev calls Maverick “the chillest dog,” and most of their pictures together involve some kind of cute cuddling. They’ve been spotted going on walks through the streets of LA, and Dobrev never passes up the chance to take her pup to the city’s many dog-friendly bars and restaurants.

Saturdayz are for cozy cuddlez #FurryFriendFun #BuddySystem #FindYourBuddy

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(Don’t worry, these fur blankets are faux!)

The small black and white dog has changed her owner’s life for the better, and she’s even garnered her own faithful fan group. Dobrev set up an Instagram account for Maverick, and the dog now has over 219,000 followers. The pictures document a life full of plush toys and slobbery kisses. Check out her page to follow along with Maverick’s sweet relationship with her famous mom.

Featured Image Source: Instagram/Nina Debrov

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