Audible Offers Audiobooks Meant To Soothe Your Dog

It’s long been an unproven solution to leave a TV or radio on for your dog while you’re out of the house, so he’s not alone with the quiet. But TV and radio programming can be iffy – there’s so many lights, sounds and colors meant to capture a consumer’s attention that rather than soothe your dog in your absence, it may just stress him out. Instead of watching TV, a lot of people like to relax and curl up with a good book when they’re alone. Now your dog can too!

Your dog can chill out in otherwise stressful situations listening to the sound of a soothing voice reading a pawsome story. Audible, the audiobook online store, has a section of audiobooks meant for dogs. These include classics like The Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh, but also books about notable dogs, like Wallace and Soldier Dogs: The Untold Story of America’s Canine Heroes.

Don’t expect a book report from your dog. The purpose isn’t to make your dog an expert on literature – it’s meant to soothe dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. This could help in other situations as well, like if your dog doesn’t enjoy car rides or prefers to hide when guests come over. Helping your dog relax instead of lashing out at those times is important to helping him overcome those problems.

Not sold on the idea? Dog Behaviorist / Whisperer Cesar Milan endorses the use of audiobooks to calm dogs. Audible teamed up with him to make the section happen, and his audio book, Cesar Milan’s Guide to Audiobooks for Dogs is available for free on the site to answer any questions you might have about listenable literature for your pup.

Next time you know your dog is going to be in an uncomfortable spot or left alone for a little while, maybe set him up with a comfy blanket and a good book. Sounds like a good time in to us!


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