Blizzard Entertainment – The Most Pet Friendly Company In The World

Blizzard Entertainment, the game studio responsible for World of Warcraft and Starcraft, may be the most pet-friendly workplace in the world! Pets are welcome at their campus in Irvine, CA., and not just dogs. Of the 750 animals registered as workplace pets at Blizzard, 704 are dogs, but there are also 36 cats, 5 bunnies, 4 fish aquariums and a turtle!

Blizzard believes that animals in the workplace lowers stress and increases productivity, but the reason they allow pets at the office is because they just like being around them! Of course, the well-being of the pets is of utmost importance – pets must be registered, well-behaved and comfortable. They also state that all employees must be comfortable with the pet, but with 735 hanging around the campus, it seems unlikely that there have been any problems!

Pets are even provided with a special tag – once they choose whether to for the Alliance, or for the Horde!

For the horde!!? 🐾 #headtilts #blizzlife #dappleonthings

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Blizzard employees LOVE their corgis – they’re tied with terriers for top dog breed on campus!

Disney World may have to relinquish it’s “Happiest Place On Earth” title – they don’t even allow dogs there.

It’s no wonder why Blizzard was named one of Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work For! Are you seeing all these dogs?!

We have a new office mate in the Kapua Suite today #blizzlife #dogsofblizzard

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Ready to work in the Land of Dogs?

Indy is very curious about #puppycat 😀 Also he tried to eat him xO Thank you @jackiesize and @thedanbach !!

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Check out Blizzard’s job openings at! And let your pet know they’ll have to choose: horde, or alliance!

If you want to look at, but not work with all the adorable dogs, @lifeatblizzard on Instagram posts pictures of their furry co-workers from time to time!


Featured Photo: @tomnomtomnom via Instagram

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