Canine Ring Bearer Goes For A Swim, Loses Wedding Rings

Jeff Brines’ dog, Tucker is his constant companion and partner in crime. Together they hike, bike, ski and swim their way through Colorado’s picturesque terrain. So when Brines’ sister announced that her wedding would take place in Denver’s Wash Park, he volunteered Tucker to play the role of ring bearer.

The big day arrived this past Saturday, but things did not quite go as planned!

Brines fitted Tucker with a festive blue bandanna and tied the rings to his collar with twine. The plan was for the handsome pup to trot on up the aisle at the right moment and present the rings to the happy couple. Apparently, the lure of lovely Wash Park was too much for Tucker to resist!

“I turned around and realized my dog, with the rings on him, he was gone,” Brines told 9News.

Brines was distracted by his dual roles as photographer and sound system manager. Luckily, Tucker returned shortly before the ceremony was scheduled to start, but he was missing two essential objects – the rings!

He was also soaking wet, leading Brines to believe the rings were lost when the water-loving pooch splashed into a nearby pond.

“You realize you’re in a giant park. You’re not inside. You have no idea where your dog just was, you can’t ask him, he can’t talk to you and you’re looking for a needle in a haystack,” Brines said.

After a frantic search turned up nothing, the couple went on with the ceremony, borrowing symbolic rings from their guests. Brines waded into the water in his suit after the ceremony, but unfortunately the rings were never recovered.

“In a way, it was kind of beautiful,” Brines said. “I think most people during their wedding, if their rings were lost, that would have created mass hysteria but the bride and groom acted quite to the contrary. They kind of laughed at it, thought it was funny.”

Here is a brief video from the wedding – you’ll notice that Tucker the mischievous ring bearer makes a few cameo appearances!

Have you ever attended a wedding with a dog in the bridal party? Did your pooch attend your ceremony?


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Featured Image via Facebook/Marshall Zelinger 9News

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