Delta Mixes Up Puppies Shipped By Breeder More Than Halfway Across The U.S.

Another mix-up in canine “cargo” occurred this week, but luckily, these pups are alright.

Still, they had one heck of a journey – one that was likely stressful, uncomfortable, and terrifying.

A breeder from Virginia shipped two puppies via a plane headed for Idaho. There was supposed to be a layover in Minneapolis, but instead, the flight landed in Detroit for the night.

Meanwhile, Josh Schlaich, one of the pups’ new owners, got a call from Delta saying the flight would be delayed and he’d have to get his puppy the next day. But when Schlaich and his wife finally went to pick up their new pooch, they were given his littermate – who was set to go to a friend of theirs – instead.

Image Source: Screen Shot via WPSD Local 6


Worried about where their promised puppy was, Schlaich was angry at Delta’s lack of answers and what he calls, “a culmination of uncaring customer service and bad logistics.”

Get all the details from this news clip below:

Schlaich notes that he and his family considered the possibility of something going wrong with the puppy transport, but decided to take the risk, anyway. They figured that the recent news coverage with dogs and airlines would have motivated Delta to take even more precautions with pets in cargo… but it seems it did not.

Luckily, both pups are now safe and sound with their prospective families. The Schlaich family decided to name their newcomer Ren.

According to WPTV, a Delta spokesperson said:

“We know pets are important members of the family and apologize for the delayed shipment of a dog, which is now in the hands of its owner, after it was routed to the wrong destination. We have fully refunded the shipping costs and have initiated an immediate review procedures to understand what happened.”

Unfortunately, happy endings aren’t always the case. If you’re tired of hearing about preventable animal-related deaths on planes, sign this petition to show the airlines that they MUST have better protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of our pets.

(h/t: WPSD Local 6/WPTV)

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