Dog Has Adorable Love Affair With Her Favorite Stick

This is Cassie, and this is the thing she loves most in the whole world – is a stick.

We’ve seen dogs that love babies, dogs that love ducks, and dogs that love blankets. Dogs are so full of love to give, and they don’t discriminate, even against sticks.

Gerry and Mary Vierbza have seen Cassie love her way though a few sticks in her lifetime. Her current stick has been with her for six wonderful months, but the longest love was a stick that lasted five years.

Cassie’s sticks go where she goes, and if she can’t find it when it’s time to leave, she makes time to find it. Gerry tells KARE11, “If she can’t find it – it’s buried under the snow – she’s gonna dig for it until we dig it up.”

Size doesn’t stop her from toting her sticks either, she’s been known to carry full-on branches, bigger than she is, with her! She chooses them herself and appears to be pretty picky – the girl knows what she likes!

Her affinity for sticks has made her something of a local celebrity. Mary has even been recognized as “the lady with the dog with the stick!”

See Cassie and her latest stick here:

Most dogs are pretty fond of sticks, but Cassie takes it to another level! Does your dog have an unusual love? Let us know!

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