Dog Jumps On Stove To Get Pancakes On Counter, Nearly Sets House On Fire

Firefighters in Southwick, Massachusetts recently responded to a house fire accidentally started by a hungry dog attempting to steal an tasty, unattended pancake.

The family who lives in the home left for a short while, leaving their dogs in the house and a plate of tempting pancakes on top of the stove. One of the two pups, looking to score an extra meal, stood up with his paws on the stove, took a pancake, and as he did, hit the ignition on the gas stove. In only a few minutes the spark turned into a tiny inferno on the stovetop, and the home filled with smoke. Authorities arrived quickly, thanks to the family’s fire alarm, and the two dogs were unharmed.

The family’s surveillance camera captured the whole ordeal and the Southwick Fire Department shared the video to Facebook with a word of caution: the stove top is not a place to leave items.

This clip is scary to watch, but rest assured, everyone is okay! It’s an important safety reminder for pet parents, and a little precaution can prevent a devastating accident.


The fire department posted on Facebook:

Alarms work!

We would like to thank a local resident for sharing this video. First, we always caution about putting items on the stove. In this case, the family pet decided to help themselves to some leftover pancakes while the owners were away. Unfortunately, the dog hit the ignition button on the gas stove. Within minutes you will see the item on stove begin to ignite. In this case, the homeowner was connected to a monitored alarm system calling responders saving severe damage. If you have pets or young children in the home look into safety covers for your stove controls.

The family’s home and pets were saved thanks to their fire alarms. Consider taking some precautions of your own in case of disaster – simple knob covers can keep you from experiencing a similar situation.

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Featured Photo: Screenshot, Southwick Fire Department/Facebook

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