Dog Lost After Traumatic Car Accident Finally Reunites With Her Humans

On Tuesday, July 11, Erica Cruz and Trenton Ray were involved in a serious car crash in Plano, TX. They were both knocked unconscious and suffered injuries. Daisy Mae, a Labrador Retriever mix, was either ejected from the car during the accident or ran away immediately afterward and couldn’t be found.

Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue organized a search for Daisy on Sunday, July 16 since she still hadn’t been found and her owners were unable to search for her themselves due to their injuries.

Daisy was found about an hour and a half into the search in a ravine about 150 yards from the scene of the crash. Her back left leg was badly broken, but she was alive and even conscious 5 days after the accident. Daisy was taken to SummerTree Animal and Bird Clinic, where it was later determined that her femur was too shattered to be repaired and her leg would have to be amputated.

Since Daisy’s owners were still recovering from their own injuries, they were unable to visit her at the clinic after her surgery. They were finally reunited with her on Thursday, July 20 when they were able to take her home. Check out a live video of their reunion here:

We’re so glad Daisy was finally able to go home, and we hope Daisy and her family will be able to finish healing together and put this traumatic incident behind them.

(H/T: WFAA, Dallas News, Mutts and Mayhem. Featured image: Mutts & Mayhem via Facebook)

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