Dog Saved From Rubble Six Days After Earthquake In Mexico

Six days after the magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook Mexico, residents have a renewed hope that more survivors might be found. Their optimism comes after, despite debilitating odds, a dog was found alive buried by rubble. Rescuers from a Japanese search and rescue team discovered the white Schnauzer on Monday at the site of a collapsed apartment building in Mexico City.

A video of the rescue shows rescuers pulling the dog out of the rubble and carefully carrying it to safety. Dirty and dehydrated, the dog seemed to be in good health before it was passed on to waiting paramedics. There’s no word as to who owns the dog, but efforts are being made to keep the canine survivor safe and healthy.

While the brave dog is a sign that others may still be alive under the debris, the massive earthquake has resulted in the deaths of 324 people so far. Rescue teams are working with search and rescue canines to continue searching rubble at three separate sites within the city. The majority of damage is focused in the southern area of Mexico City, and rescue efforts continue at two apartment buildings and an office building.

The rescued Schnauzer is one of only a few animals that have been found alive amidst the destruction. Mexico is continuing to recover after the devastating event, and local animal rescue organizations are pitching in to help.

Featured Image Source: screenshot via New York Post

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