Dog Steals Stuff From Around The House & His Haul Is Hilarious

We love our canines for all their endearing quirks, and this woman’s pooch is a bit of a kleptomaniac!

Francesca Emmingham of the United Kingdom posted a Twitter thread of her pup’s adorable antics that went viral. The mischievous Doxie, named Flynn, enjoys taking his family’s belongings for himself. But the thief is so cute, his photos have been liked nearly 30,000 times in just 24 hours! (Anyway, who could ever be mad at that face?)

“Who wants to see a thread of my dog stealing objects from around the house?” Emmingham wrote.

The post was followed by this handful of hilarious photos:


Maybe Flynn just loves his home so much, he wants to hoard everything in it! Lucky for this pup, it’d be impossible to ever get mad at that adorable face.

What are some of your dog’s silliest quirks? Share with us in the comments below!

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