Dog Stolen From Colorado Shelter Turns Up In Las Vegas

In March of this year, Zeb, an energetic Pit Bull mix, was taken for a walk by a couple that claimed they wanted to adopt him from the Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE) near Glenwood Springs. They never returned him to the shelter.

Still, the shelter staff kept hoping Zeb would find his way back. Tracey Yajk, CARE Behavior and Training Manager, said in a story by Glenwood Springs Post Independent:

“We left Zeb’s kennel set up with a new bed for him to chew up and plenty of toys.”

CARE received a call from The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas on July 5, nearly 4 months after Zeb had disappeared. He had been brought to the foundation as a stray and he had a microchip that was registered to CARE. Luckily, The Animal Foundation has a transfer program, so CARE employee Eric Welker met them in Beaver, Utah to pick up Zeb and bring him back home to Colorado.

Along with Zeb, CARE also accepted several other Animal Foundation animals to help with their overpopulation in the shelter. Six staff members were at the CARE facilities after hours to greet Zeb and the other new arrivals.

When Zeb had first arrived at the shelter, he was very unruly. In the 6 weeks he spent at CARE before being stolen, he had been trained to the point that he could walk on a loose leash and his “sit, stay” time was up to 2 minutes.

If you’re interested in adopting Zeb, you should reach out to CARE via their website, phone number (970) 947-9173, or Facebook page.

(H/T: Glenwood Springs Post Independent, CBS Denver)

(Featured photo courtesy of CARE via Facebook)

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