Dog Throws Epic Tantrum When His Dinner Is Missing A Key Ingredient

Gregory the dog brings new meaning to the term “pampered pooch.” This pup is so spoiled that the thought of eating his kibble without gravy inspires an epic tantrum of two-year-old child proportions.

It all starts when Greg’s mom places his dish on the ground minus the key ingredient. The finicky dog is so repulsed by his dry, unadorned dinner that he dramatically leaps backward in revulsion!

As he whines, barks, rolls and carries on, Gregory’s owner, comedian Aunt Boo, can be heard playfully scolding him in the background.

“Eat your food,” she says. “You cannot have gravy this time!”

Undeterred, Greg continues his rebellious antics.

“Stop cutting up!” Aunt Boo admonishes. “You throwing a doggy tantrum!”

Finally, Gregory collapses in defeat as Aunt Boo delivers her final decree.

“Well go ahead and be hungry, then. That don’t make no sense. That’s called spoiled.”

There are millions of hungry pups out there who would be delighted to have that kibble, Gregory!


Original Video & Images via Aunt Boo Comedy/Storyful

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