Dog Trapped In Neighbor’s Garage Devours $150 In Homemade Treats

A mischievous pooch from Christchurch, New Zealand has been reunited with his concerned human after he disappeared early Thursday morning. The American Staffordshire Terrier named Biggie was trapped in a neighbor’s garage for approximately nine hours. Before you feel too sorry for Biggie, it turns out he wasn’t entirely alone during his “ordeal” – he had a massive stash of homemade dog treats to keep him company!

The hungry pup must have followed his nose into the neighbor’s garage as she returned home from the night shift. She then locked the garage, leaving Biggie trapped in a wonderland of homemade doggy deliciousness!

By the time he was discovered, Biggie managed to munch his way through approximately 60 dog treats, valued at around $150! The homeowner contacted the local shelter after catching Biggie “red-pawed” surrounded by the evidence of his biscuit-binge.

Screenshot via Facebook/Lost Dogs Christchurch


The dog’s owner, Sam Maree, had already contacted the shelter in search of Biggie. They reunited the naughty stowaway with his anxious mother. Maree told NewsHub that the neighbor was very sweet and understanding about the whole incident.

“She asked for us to contact her to pay some compensation [for the treats] but was very lovely and thought Biggie was a friendly dog,” Maree said.

After posting the tale of Biggie’s breaking-and-entering bust to Facebook, several fans offered to donate towards his cookie debt! One supportive comment reads:

“I’m happy to donate $10 toward ‘Biggie’s’ bill, and an extra $10 to get him some more… Biggie is a genius! and I like the way he works.”

Maree reported that Biggie seems to be doing alright despite his overindulgence. She posted via Facebook that he “sat in the laundry, spewed a little and didn’t move for awhile.” Perhaps next time he’ll think twice before eating 60 treats in one sitting!


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Featured Image via Facebook/Sam Maree

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