Dog Who Visited Dying Owner In Hospital Gets Groomed Before Attending The Funeral

The story of a terminally-ill grandfather who was allowed a final visit from his beloved Border Collie, Shep, has captured hearts around the world this week. Shauni Piggott, the owner of the House of Howlers Dog Grooming service, was just one of those hearts that was touched. She told The Courier:

“I’ve groomed Shep a couple of times in the past and I could see how much he meant to Mr Robson and the family. When I saw the video of them in the hospital it really touched me, so I thought it would be a nice thing to do it for free for the family. He had his bath and full dry, his hair cut, nails clipped, ears cleaned — and a wee blueberry facial as well!”

She added that Shep was really good for the grooming process and that she hopes he learns to cope with the death of his dad.

Peter Robson Jr., Mr. Robson’s son, is now caring for Shep and said that he will absolutely be coming to the April 11th funeral. He told The Courier:

“We lost our mum nine years ago and we got dad the dog a year later. They were inseparable. He used to walk him four times a day every day. And Shep is missing him. When my sister drove him to the groomer’s, he barked as he passed my dad’s street.”

Peter added that the viral response to his family’s story has helped with their grieving process.

“I think it has helped the grieving process because my dad would have loved that the nurses received recognition for what they did. He didn’t like bothering them because he thought their jobs were hard enough. He would be really happy to know they have received so much praise.”

Peter Robson Sr. left behind 5 children and 35 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

While the funeral will inevitably be sad for the mourning family, they also intend to remember the good times and have some laughs. Robson Jr said:

“My dad was a jokey person. He even joked all the way through his last day. Even a half-hour before he passed he was still joking. The family are getting on OK. We just see that he’s going back with my mum as well. The reason he got Shep was because he missed her so much.”

If you missed our coverage of Robson Sr.’s last moments with Shep, be sure to read that article here.

(H/T: The Courier)

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