Dog With No Name Waits 8 Years To Be Rescued & Proves He’s Still Full Of Life

Elderly dogs and those that have special needs often get looked over in shelters, and many end up spending years waiting for somebody to love them. Howl of a Dog is a rescue in Romania dedicated to giving dogs that need a little extra care a genuine shot at life, showing people that they are just as lovable as any others!

The video below is about one of the dogs who was fortunate enough to find his way to Howl of a Dog. He was at a city pound in Romania, where the conditions were less than ideal. He was covered in fleas and ticks and was bony and sickly from a lack of adequate care. Despite his sweet face, he was overlooked and left to be neglected for two years. Nameless and unloved, the people at Howl of a Dog took him out of that awful place and gave him an opportunity to really live.

Charlie’s big puppy dog eyes and happy tail make it hard to believe he’s eight years old, and only show how full of life he is! It’s amazing what a little love can do for a pet deprived of it for so long, and you can just tell that Charlie is going to pay it forward whenever and wherever he can!

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