Dog’s Ashes Are Stolen, Then Returned Weeks Later With A Heartfelt Note

Gloria Johnson, a grandmother from Staten Island, NY, suffered the loss of her husband Arnold just last year. She managed to pull through thanks to her Yorkie, Dakotah, who she said was her emotional support. This summer, he passed as well, having lived to the ripe old age of 14, travelling with and being loved by Gloria. She had Dakotah cremated, purchased a crystal urn for him, and picked a spot in her home where his ashes could rest next to Arnold’s.

The ashes were delivered to Gloria’s door via FedEx, and only hours after delivery, they were gone.

A thief on a bicycle spotted the box at Gloria’s doorstep. Surveillance video from a neighbor’s security camera shows the man crossing the street to circle the block, return, step through the gate and leave with Dakotah’s ashes.

Heartbroken, Gloria pleaded with the thief to return the package. Her biggest concern was that he would be disappointed that the only thing he managed to steal was ashes and throw them in the garbage. In a video interview with she says, “I mean, it was important – maybe not to anybody, it was dog’s ashes – but to me it was the most important thing.”

After three stressful weeks spent knocking on doors and sifting through trashcans, Dakotah’s ashes were returned to Gloria’s doorstep along with a handwritten apology. The thief expressed regret for the pain he caused Gloria, and said that he had been off his medication.

Dakotah would have turned 15 on the day he was returned – his birthday. Gloria was thrilled to have him home. He can now rest alongside Arnold where his memory keeps Gloria company.

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Featured Photo: Gloria Johnson/Facebook

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