Dogs Have Hilarious Reaction When Dad Tosses The Christmas Tree – And It Goes Viral!

Putting away the Christmas decorations and packing up or throwing out the tree is always kind of a hassle. It’s hard saying goodbye to the holiday until next year – and nobody knows it better than this guy!

Erin Sharkey Graham shared this video to Facebook just earlier this week, and went viral overnight! Erin and her husband, David, were ready to get their Christmas tree out of their house, but their dogs weren’t ready to see it go! Erin wondered what was taking David so long to take the tree out, and then caught sight of the dogs making the chore much harder than it needed to be!

In what could be the most festive game of tug-of-war ever, David takes on his pets to get the tree over the fence, but with both sides giving as much effort as possible, it wasn’t easy for either!

So I asked my husband to toss the old Christmas tree during the cleanup efforts and noticed it was taking a REALLY long time… then I look out and see this struggle going down…

These dogs still have the Christmas spirit, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to defeat their Grinch. There’s always next year!

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