“Downward Dog” Sign Encouraging Owners To Clean Up Dog Poo Goes Viral

Julie Murden, of Dullingham, Cambridgeshire, shared a cute sign she spotted on a walk in her village with the Dullingham Village Community Group with no idea how quickly the picture would go viral. She has been trying to find the person who created the sign, but nobody has come forward yet and the original sign has been removed.

The original Facebook post has been shared more than 85k times, and there’s no telling how far across Twitter and Instagram this picture may have spread.

The poster, attached to a fence post near a popular footpath, says, “Want to start YOGA? Start by bending over and picking up your dog poo – known as the ‘downward dog position’ – THEN PUT IT IN A BIN.”

Image source: Dullingham Village Community Group via Facebook

People around the world who are tired of stepping in dog poop are sharing the picture as a means of venting their frustration and hoping that it may encourage people to pick up after their dogs so that others don’t need to step in a mess. Of course the “downward dog” yoga pose doesn’t actually involve picking up dog feces, but the sentiment behind the sign is resonating with people around the world.

On the Dullingham Village Community Group, Julie Murden posted:

“I would love to know who did the yoga poster. I’ve just spoken to ITV. It might appear on their bulletin tonight! It’s on the BBC news channel & has been shared nearly 80k times. Whoever you are – well done. I’m sure your notice has been copied & put up in public places all around the world. Hopefully we can look forward to clean paths & a flexible, calm & chilled out community (with all that yoga).”

Murden told the BBC that most dog owners in the area are actually responsible and the sign is directed at a small population who are not as responsible about picking up after their pooches.

(H/T: BBCDullingham Village Community Group)

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