Emaciated & Shunned By His Family, Mac Was Rescued Just In Time

Mac once had a loving family, but after five years as a valued pet, he was chained outside and forgotten. Not only was he shunned by the only family he’d ever known, Mac endured extreme heat in the summer and record lows throughout the Michigan winter. Two years later, he was emaciated and barely able to walk, but he managed to wag his tail and greet his saviors from Sanilac Scoopers Animal Rescue with hopeful affection.

Image c/o Sanilac Scoopers Animal Rescue


Due to the severity of his malnutrition, Mac required an expensive special diet to rebuild his strength. Luckily, Sanilac Scoopers participates in GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program which provides free healthy food to shelters across the country.

The food donations from Rescue Bank not only allowed Mac to blossom into the handsome, hearty fella he is today, they also allowed Sanilac Scoopers to channel precious funds toward other shelter necessities. According to his pals at the rescue:

“Mac is now a happy, healthy, indoor pet, with another pampered pooch to share his vastly improved lifestyle. He is playful and has learned to run, play, and enjoy life again! He also gets to go on car rides, so he comes back to visit on a regular basis to greet all the friends he made on his road to his recovery.”

Image c/o Sanilac Scoopers Animal Rescue


Although nothing was as vital to Mac’s transformation as the loving care he received from his rescuers, Sanilac Scoopers Animal Rescue credits Rescue Bank with allowing them to fulfill their mission.

“The Rescue Bank program has not only brought food to our rescue but freed up funds for much needed medical care. Besides the difference it makes for that, the food itself – having a variety for special needs dogs – makes a big difference.”

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