Every Purchase Of Good Reasons Dog Treats Helps Those Living With Autism And Developmental Disabilities

Do you have Good Reasons for choosing the treats you give your dog?

Vicki Sylvester has been working with people with disabilities as the CEO of Community Based Services, a non-profit in Westchester, New York, for over 35 years. Community Based Services (CBS) helps those with autism and other developmental disabilities learn life skills, find assistance, and get involved in their communities through volunteer work and recreation. One of their most exciting initiatives has been Good Reasons – a business that makes howl-worthy treats for dogs, and proudly employs people with disabilities. Vicki tells iHeartDogs:

“I attended a NY state conference focusing on the closure of workshop sites and the need for agencies like CBS to find employment opportunities for people with disabilities. After much thought on how to best approach this call to action the idea of dog treats came about.”

From that call to action Good Reasons was born. The name isn’t an accident – there are several ‘good reasons’ to purchase these treats for your dogs, and their support of the disabled community is just one of them.

“Not only do we have a great mission, but our recipes are delicious and our focus has always been on creating a quality product,” Vicki says. “As a dog lover, the ingredients we feed our furry friends is a number one priority for Good Reasons.”

All of the Good Reasons’ recipes have been carefully created and contain all-natural ingredients, safe for dogs and – according to their website – “baked and sourced with love.” Each recipe has been named after the dogs who helped inspire the venture: Vicki’s 3 brown Spaniels, Tucker, Gracie, and Hudson, and their COO’s dog, Charlie.

Good Reasons offers something for every dog – meaty treats, cheesy treats, sweet treats, and even treats made especially for small dogs. The final touch: each bag comes with a sticker, letting you know that it’s packed in the USA by a proud Good Reasons’ employee.

As word spreads and Good Reasons continues to grow, Vicki hopes that it will be a model for other companies.

“The Good Reasons team is very enthusiastic and always show a great attitude towards work. They are always upbeat and show a great team spirit in all that we do. We want Good Reasons to be an example to other organizations and highlight the fact that hiring people with disabilities can be beneficial on many levels to a business.

“Continuing to watch them develop their skills and helping them create a purpose for their own life. Seeing just how positively a job can impact a person’s life is very rewarding.”

Visit Good Reasons online to learn more about their mission, their team, and shop their amazing products!

Featured Photo: Good Reasons/Facebook


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