Fetch-Playing Dog Can’t Figure Out Why The “Balls” Keep Disappearing

This pup loves three things: walks, snow, and fetch. Unfortunately, the last two don’t work out well together, but he hasn’t seemed to notice!

Twitter user @yge_ao01 posted this video of a walk they took with their Shiba Inu dog. The playful pup must have wanted to play a game of fetch, and without a ball, his owner must’ve had to improvise. Snowballs may not make for the best game of fetch, but we’re enjoying it!

This dog seems eager to play, and although the game doesn’t seem to be going well, he doesn’t let anything kill his enthusiasm – not even the disappearing “balls”!

My favorite part is when his little face disappears in the snow and his tail goes nuts while he digs for his missing snowball!

You can’t win the game, Shiba Inu, but you’ve definitely won my heart!


H/T: Mashable.com
Featured Photo: Screenshot/Twitter


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