(For Sarah) The Best Doggy Dental Hygiene Hack Your Dog Will Love

Maintaining dental heath is one of the most important things we can do for our furry friends. Unfortunately, at-home oral care can be invasive and uncomfortable for some dogs, leaving well-intentioned pawrents clambering for an effective solution. That’s why iHeartDogs™ created their Grain Free Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks. They provide fresh breath, control plaque, and reduce tartar buildup – all in a tasty treat dogs love!

Dental issues are frighteningly common, with the majority of dogs over three years of age already showing signs of periodontal disease. According to the American Veterinary Dental Association (AVDA), many owners do not pick up on these symptoms until their dogs are already suffering with inflamed gums, painful infections, even damage to their internal organs.

Although they list brushing as the “single most effective means to maintain oral health between professional dental examinations,” the AVDA also acknowledges that high quality dental chews, diets and rinses can make a tremendous difference as long as they are used consistently.

iHeartDogs’ Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks are specially formulated by veterinarians to mirror the benefits of daily brushing. Their unique shape supports periodontal health with a natural abrasive cleaning action that scrapes teeth clean as your pup chews.

Delicious Dental Sticks are made with a proprietary triple enzyme source consisting of lysozyme, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. These enzymes naturally reduce plaque and control tartar due to their antimicrobial properties. The developing veterinarians also included curcumin in their formula, a natural chemical compound clinically proven to help prevent periodontal disease.

Trple Enzyme Dental Sticks are naturally grain-free, gluten-free, and contain no artificial colors. At just 37 calories per small stick and 74 calories per large stick, they are a healthy choice for dieting dogs. Pups love the hearty, flavorful chewing experience and humans adore the fresh aroma of peppermint that replaces the doggy breath!

Dental Sticks are easy to digest and proudly made in the USA so you can feel confident in their safety. Best of all, Grain Free Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks are the only dental chews on the market that provide healthy meals for shelter dogs waiting for their forever homes! Every bag you purchase provides 7 meals for pups in shelters across the country!


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