Former Stray Breaks Record For Sniffing Out Airport Contraband

8-year-old Beagle Mix, Skipper, was once a mere statistic, languishing in a Michigan shelter until a staff member recognized his potential as a working dog.

After training at the National Detector Dog Training Center in Georgia, Skipper embarked on a new career as a contriband-sniffing dog at the San Francisco International Airport.

Screenshot via CBS News


His job is to locate undeclared produce, plants and meat that could potentially introduce harmful pests into the country. Skipper is now responsible for more than 20,000 idividual seizures – shattering the former Port of San Francisco record of 14,000.

Skipper’s efforts are helping to keep citizens safe and protecting California’s $54 billion a year agricultural industry.

Best of all, he loves his work! Skipper’s handler and pal, Peter De Souza of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told CBS News:

“He knows when we’re out here, we’re working. And it’s not so much working for him – it’s a game. Find an item, you get a treat.”

Isn’t it amazing what a formerly stray senior mutt can do? Congratulations Skipper and thanks for your service!


H/T and Featured Screenshots via CBS News

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