Formerly Stray Dog Adopts Rescue Piglets

Spectrum Plants in Australia’s Gold Coast isn’t your everyday, garden-variety garden center.

Along with the plants on the property, you’ll also find several farm animals, including lambs, chickens, guinea pigs, and a formerly stray Boxer dog named Treasure.

Wes Trevor, who owns Spectrum Plants, recently received a new litter of teeny pink piglets, but the babies arrived muddy and sunburnt, in overall poor shape. He knew they’d need some extra care to regain their health, but luckily, it wasn’t a job he’d have to do alone – Treasure stepped in to help!

Treasure hadn’t had a litter recently, but allowed the piglets to nurse anyway, and began producing milk for them very quickly! Concerned, Trevor checked with the vet, who gave Treasure the all-clear to continue nursing the piglets, so long as they didn’t injure her.

More than just feeding them, she also keeps an eye on them, just like a good mom would! Trevor tells Gold Coast News, “She does it for the fun of it… One day they escaped and she sort of went after them… and acted like the mother.”


The animals at Spectrum Plants were never meant to be an attraction of any sort, but the customers loved the family pets so much that they’ve become part of a sort of petting zoo! They get extra love and pets from the people there to shop for plants and have become a major draw to the family’s business – especially Treasure and her new little family!

H/T: Gold Coast Bulletin

Featured Photo: Screenshot via Facebook/Spectrum Plants

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