Foster Dog’s ‘Resume’ Will Certainly Land Him The Perfect Role With A Family

According to Mowgli’s resume she is 75% German Shepherd, 25% Rwandan Street Dog, and 100% Loveable! The four-year-old California pooch is in search of a new long-term position as a foster pup. Her reason for leaving her previous “job”? Her “current foster mom is becoming a pilot and has to move!” In order to help Mowgli get a leg up on the competition, a friend compiled her many qualifications into a concise, but thorough professional resume.

Screenshot via Twitter/Megan Frantz


Megan Frantz, a friend of Mowgli’s current foster mom, enlisted her boyfriend’s help to create the resume and shared the adorable results via Twitter.

Mowgli’s Career Objective reads:

Extremely intelligent, fun-loving Rwandan dog seeks new best friend (or pack of best friends!) and long-term foster parent. Looking for a new position that will allow me to utilize my loyalty, goofiness, loving companionship, incredible ability to zoom, and stunning good looks.

Screenshot via Twitter/Megan Frantz


So what can you expect from Mowgli should you decide to add her to your team? Her impressive list of skills include:

  • Upside down hugs
  • International travel
  • Thinking she’s human
  • Chasing birds
  • Making new friends, and
  • Being a good girl
Screenshot via Twitter/Megan Frantz


Mowgli is also multi-lingual and fluent in borking, including complex phrases such as “bork” and “BORK.” Her previous achievements make her a perfect fit for any canine-loving establishment.

Screenshot via Twitter/Megan Frantz


Throughout her career as a Professional Couch Potato/Village Celebrity/Good Girl, Mowgli has:

  • Provided comfort and love to roommates and a Venezuelan family
  • Gained 15 pounds of American weight & managed to remain adorable
  • Demonstrated a complete dedication to snoozing
  • Attained a squirrel invasion rating of 0% for four consecutive quarters
  • Provided thorough leadership on nuanced topics such as belly rubs and nose boops, and
  • Increased belly rubs by 30%
Screenshot via Twitter/Megan Frantz


Mowgli’s extensive qualifications will surely get her hired at a new family business soon!


H/T to Mashable

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