Got A Dog That Loves To Chew? Then You Gotta Try This!

Lots of pet supply companies advertise dog toys designed for powerful chewers, but far too many fail to live up to the hype. The products are either no match for “ruff” and rugged chompers, or pups simply find them boring.

That’s where the AgriChew™ comes in!

Accidentally invented by farmer Mark Smith, the AgriChew is tough, yet flexible with a unique shape that inspires dogs to romp and gnaw.

Smith’s family business makes parts for the agricultural industry and originally created the AgriChew as a shock-absorbing part for use in irrigation equipment. One of the family dogs got ahold of a prototype and fell in love with its fun shape and strong, but yeilding texture.

Just like that, an innovative new dog toy was born!

The AgriChew owes its ultra-durable composition to a pet-safe, non-toxic material known as TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane). In addition to its industrial-grade strength, TPU is free of harmful substances like lead, cadmium, mercury, phthalates, hormones, BPA (Bisphenol A ), and asbestos.

While no dog toy is indestructible, TPU is built to last and remains safe and strong when clamped in the jaws of all types of dogs – under their pawrents’ supervision, of course!

This toy belongs to a Chihuahua mix who prefers to focus his gnawing on one spot.


This one has survived the powerful jaws of a 100-pound German Shepherd!


As you can see, the AgriChew holds up against even the most powerful chewers. Instead of breaking off in large chunks that could pose a choking hazard, the material slowly wears down in crumbly bits, creating a coarse texture dogs love even more than a brand new toy.

Chewing is a natural instinct dogs carry throughout their lives. It exercises the jaw muscles, massages the gums, and helps keep teeth healthy. Many bones and chew toys designed for extreme chewers are too hard for senior teeth and gums, but the AgriChew’s TPU material provides just the right amount of “give” for sensitive mouths.

The AgriChew is more than just a chew toy, it doubles as a fun and exciting fetch toy and triples as a treat-dispensing busy toy! The four rounded protrusions provide an unpredictable bounce pattern dogs find irresistible during play and the center hole is perfect for inserting treats or a dollop of peanut butter.

We can tell you all about the AgriChew’s benefits, but the best way to determine if a product truly lives up to its promises is to check out what other dog parents are saying. The following are real reviews from our happy customers:

“I ordered one of these for Bentley. Bentley puts extreme chewers to shame. Sofa? child’s play. Ford Escape? Appetizer. Squeeky toys measure their lives in seconds, rope toys in minutes. So, this arrived. He loves it. 4 days in he’s barely put a scratch on it. Thank you!!!!!”

“Love this toy!!!!! My pup has been able to chew up “made to last” brands such as Tuffy since he was 4 months. This toy has lasted him, and He has been unable to break it yet. I am serious when I say if I could give this toy 6/5 stars I would.”

“I purchased the AgriChew on a whim. It has proven to be a great product, I have a pit bull and he loves it. He has chewed on it for almost a month and I can barely see any damage to it.”

Just like every toy in iHeartDog’s Project Play™ program, each AgriChew you buy provides a toy to a shelter dog awaiting his or her forever home. To date, Project Play™ has funded over 100,000 donated toys for animal shelters across the country.

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