Grocery Shopping Dog Wows Us With New Trick

Is there anything dogs can’t do?

We’ve seen dogs perform all kinds of amazing acts. There are dogs that surf, dogs that skateboard, open doors, rescue children. Dogs that save lives, befriend ducklings, and find their way home after years of being missing. These aren’t old episodes of Lassie – dogs are genuinely amazing! So  much so that though we’re still grateful for them, we’re rarely shocked anymore when we hear that they’ve done something heroic or adorable.

But every once in awhile, a dog learns a new trick so spectacular our minds are blown once again at how incredible they are. This German Shepherd is one of those dogs. He was spotted in a Texas grocery store, calmly pushing a cart and helping his human get the shopping done, and is now all over Twitter! He may need some help reaching the items on the top shelf, but who doesn’t?

You may have seen a Pet Shop, but you’ve never seen a pet shop like this! What will you help us humans with next, dogs? House chores and laundry? Please?

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