Groomer Refuses To Give Dogs Back To Non-Paying Customer, Gets Window Smashed

Oklahoma City dog groomer Norma Poe, who owns All Paws Grooming by Norma, just wants to be paid for the work she did grooming 2 Schnauzers.

The owner of Lola and Max has written bad checks to several other groomers in the area, and Poe didn’t want to be the next victim. When Poe refused to hand over Lola and Max to their owner until she paid the $170 owed for the current grooming and a past due balance, the owner put her foot through the glass of the storm door to try to come in and take her dogs by force.

Poe had planned on keeping Max and Lola and charging a $25 per dog per day boarding fee until their owner paid Poe what she owed, or the civil case would go to court next month. The owner told the police the dogs are service dogs, so Poe was forced to relinquish them.

Poe filed a civil lawsuit and a victim protection order because she is afraid the owner will come after her in retaliation for trying to keep her dogs until she was paid. She is now seeking $365 to cover the grooming and boarding charges along with the cost of replacing the broken door.

On Facebook, Norma said:

“The owner has gotten away with giving bounced checks [to] two or three other shops!!! If I don’t stand up who will? Are we as groomers supposed to sit down, accept that life can run over us, and put our livelihood in a bind because someone refuses to pay us?!?! No!!! This is how I pay my bills, this is how I buy diapers, this is how [I] feed my family!!!… Stand up for what’s right no matter how wrong it makes you feel!!! If it’s not right be the one who stands up!!!”

We are choosing not to release the dog owner’s name since she has not been formally charged with a crime.

(H/T: All Paws Grooming by Norma, OKC Fox)

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