Hear What Bill Murray Has To Say About His New Animated Movie, “Isle of Dogs”

If you love legendary actor Bill Murray, and you love dogs (well, of course you do!) then the new animated movie, Isle of Dogs, is a must-see!

It poses a question that makes us shudder: what would life be like without dogs?

The film is about a crooked mayor who banishes all the dogs in the city to an island full of garbage. Refusing to abandon his best friend, one brave boy sets out to bring his best friend back!

In the interview below, the much-loved Bill Murray discusses the movie — and some other things — in an entertaining interview. When asked what “dog-like qualities” he discovered about himself while making the film, Murray responds, “I’m not perfect but I try to be non-judgmental in a dog-like way, and I’m loyal.”

Watch the whole thing below:


Watch the official trailer here:

Looks interesting, right?

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