Hero Dog Shot While Protecting His Young Human Returns Home

On February 21, a brave German Shepherd risked his life to protect his 16-year-old master, Javier, from armed burglars. As the boy hid in an upstairs closet, Rex engaged the intruders, distracting them from his location.

The 2-year-old dog sustained a beating and multiple gunshot wounds during the confrontation. As the story spread, animal lovers across the world held their breath awaiting news of the hero dog’s prognosis.

On Friday, just three days after the attack, Rex was released from Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Renton, Washington and returned home with his adoring family.

Watch as Javier leads his savior out of the clinic and prepares him for the ride home. Even after all he’s endured, Rex still has a big puppy smile on his face!

A GoFundMe page created to cover Rex’s extensive veterinary care has raised a whopping $60,000 thanks to the dog’s many fans!

Unfortunately, the family home was burglarized a second time while they were visiting Rex in the hospital. They are currently preparing to move to escape the painful memories of the ordeal.


Featured Image via Facebook/Rex the Hero Dog

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