In Aftermath of Devastating Earthquake, Mexico City Celebrates A Dog’s Rescue

Just yesterday Mexico City was hit with an earthquake that shook the city at a magnitude of 7.1. It’s the deadliest earthquake to hit the area since 1985, and it has crumbled buildings, broken families, and taken 217 human lives. Many people lost homes, loved ones and property, and others are left confused, without utilities and a long way from normal life.

But the people of Mexico City have come together in an amazing way, and wasted no time sorting through the rubble to get people out. Not just rescue crews, but normal people helping neighbors and friends. People able to lend a hand have offered to help first responders to save as many lives as they can.

In a truly amazing moment that captures the best of the human spirit, several men worked together to rescue a dog that was trapped under the rubble of what used to be a building. A crowd gathered, and the response when they see that the dog is safe is truly heartwarming!

These people are standing in the dust of a building that was once a part of their neighborhood, celebrating the life of a dog that was pulled from the rubble! The disaster didn’t dampen their goodwill towards animals – they respect his life just as much as the human lives there. He matters just as much.

Featured Photo: Screenshot @record_mexico/Twitter

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