Kenny Chesney Helps Rescue 100 Dogs From Hurricane-Ravaged Virgin Islands

On Thursday evening, 100 dogs arrived at the Palm Beach International Airport ready to embark on new lives. Each of the pups was rescued from St. Johns and other U.S. Virgin islands impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Country star, Kenny Chesney – whose St. Johns home was destroyed by Irma – personally assisted in loading the dogs onto the plane.

In the wake of this year’s devastating hurricane season, Chesney created the disaster relief fund, Love for Love City. Their main focus is partnering with local charities to help provide food, water, medical supplies, and the materials and resources to rebuild.

But when the superstar singer heard about the plight of pets left stranded when their owners evacuated, he was determined to help.

“If you’ve ever loved a dog or a cat, the idea of these poor animals who can’t find their people, who are struggling to find food, some of whom need medicine, it breaks your heart” Chesney told earlier this month. “To me, if we can’t find their owners, we can find them love. That’s what Love for Love City is all about.”

Chesney did more than just charter a plane to transport the 100 homeless, abandoned and stranded dogs, he joined volunteers from Big Dog Ranch Rescue on the St. Thomas tarmac to help prepare them for their flight!

According to, this is not the first planeload of pups Chesney has sponsored. A November 1 post stated he has already flown more than 100 other animals to the U.S. to be reunited or rehomed.

The most recent batch of dogs have been transported to shelters in Virginia, South Carolina, Orlando and Palm Beach County where they are awaiting their forever homes.


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Featured Images via Facebook/Island Dog Rescue 

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