Live Your Dreams Through Dog-Opoly, The Game Where You Collect Dogs Instead Of Property

If you daydream about adopting all the dogs, this board game will help you live out your fantasy – with much less responsibility and financial commitment, of course.

This this fun-for-all-ages board game allows players to collect dogs instead of property, and includes fun facts and photos about different breeds. The pewter game pieces consist of objects associated with canine culture, like a dog bowl, a fire hydrant, and a mailman to name a few. In this version, you get $200 for passing “Go Fetch,” and rather going to jail, you might find yourself behind the bars of a kennel.

Image Source: Late for the Sky via Amazon


Dog-Opoly has earned 4.4 out of 5 stars from 126 customer reviews on Amazon, and is a much smaller price commitment – $21.87 – than adopting a real pack of dogs (but hey, we can keep dreaming).

As it happens, the makers of the original Monopoly have their own canine version. Monopoly: The Dog Artlist Collection is a collectable game featuring its own set of pup-themed play pieces and photos. However, its price is substantially higher, listed at $84.99 and above for new games on Amazon.

Image Source: USAopoly via Amazon


The same Amazon vendor as Dog-Opoly also caters to specific canine fans with the games Golden-Opoly, Lab-Opoly, and Puppy-Opoly.

But if you’ve got someone in your life who’s more partial to friends that purr, a Cat-Opoly version is available.

Image Source: Late for the Sky via Amazon


Image Source: Late for the Sky via Amazon


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