Lost Dog Found Wandering With Heartbreaking Note On Collar

ASPCA Auckland is asking the public for information after a Jack Russell Terrier was found running around shops near Uxbridge in Howick.

The small white dog was found wearing a green collar with a tag attached that reads: “Hi my name is Roxy my owner can’t look after me can you?” A member of the public brought her to the ASPCA.

While SPCA Auckland says that any information they receive about Roxy will be confidential, they would like to remind the public that there are better options for pets that need new homes than to set them loose in the streets:

“We understand that circumstances can change for pet owners, and that sometimes families are in a position where they genuinely can’t care for their animals anymore – we want you to know there is always another option and people who can help. Abandoning an animal like this is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 1999.”

ASPCA Auckland has information on their website about what to do if you need to rehome your pet. Roxy is unavailable for adoption while her situation is being investigated. Check ASPCA Auckland’s website or Facebook page for more information about Roxy or their other adoptable pets. We hope Roxy finds her way to an amazing home once the investigation is complete!

(H/T: ASPCA Auckland)

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