NBC Actress Isn’t Shy About Loving Her 2 Rescue Dogs

Stars, they’re just like us. They run errands, they do laundry… and they love their pets!

We at iHeartDogs were able to catch up with Torrey DeVitto, who currently plays Natalie Manning on Chicago Med and Melissa on Pretty Little Liars. She’s also well known for playing Meredith Fell in Vampire Diaries and has made appearances in Army Wives and One Tree Hill. 

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She may be busy with her career, but Torrey always makes time for her pups, Beau and Homie, and she says she first became passionate about animal rights because of a bird! Learn more about this animal-loving actress in the interview below.

iHD: What made you fall in love with dogs in the first place?

TD: I have always loved animals. But there is something about having your own dog that is just so comforting and so loving for me. A dog’s love is unconditional.

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iHD: Tell us about a pet that really changed your life.  

TD: The first animal that actually changed my life was a love bird. I was testing out a new violin teacher and while we were at her house, she had this pet bird that she kept in a cage. The window the bird was by had the sun beating down and a towel over the cage. I was so horrified once we left her house with how she mistreated the bird, even in the way she would speak to and about the animal, that I looked my mom in the car and said “Please mom, let’s just go back and ask her if we can have her bird since she hates it so much!” And it worked! We knocked on her door and she happily turned the bird over to us! That was my first step towards standing for animal cruelty.

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 iHD: Tell us about your dogs, Beau and Homie.

TD: Beau is a Chihuahua mix. He is about 13 years old. I was walking down Abbot Kinney one day in Venice, California, I had just gone through a breakup and was in no way looking for a pet. But I walked passed this adoption tent on the street and decided to take a look.

There was one dog I connected with, but was told he had a lot of requests in for him already. The lady then suggested another pup, whom she said was just the sweetest but had no requests in for yet. I looked over in the very corner where she was pointing and there was little Beau (his name was Spaulding at the time). He captured my heart the minute I saw him, with this silly little blue bandana around his neck, and the second she put him in my arms he licked me cheek. I knew he was mine.

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Homie, they say a poodle terrier mix, is about 5 1/2. My sister and I had taken Beau to the vet and saw Homie sitting in a crate by the front desk, up for adoption. She had been a street dog that got hit by a car. When the woman who found her brought her in, none of the doctors thought Homie would live. Hence, they started calling her the miracle pup once she did! They also started calling her Homie because when she came in she was so homely and dirty looking. The name stuck as did she with us! My sister, Beau and myself took her home that day and none of us can imagine life without her now.

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iHD: What kind of charitable organizations have you worked with?

TD: [I volunteer] with HSUS and PETA. I work with them to spread awareness about living a cruelty free life with beauty products, food and fashion.

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Thanks to Torrey DeVitto for speaking with us! You can follow her – and Beau and Homie – on Instagram @torreydevitto.

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