Neighborhood Kids Host Doggie Pool Party To Give Back To Dogs In Need

As summer came to a close, the pool in the Hampton Hall Community in Alpharetta, GA was all but deserted. It was almost time to close it up for the year, but the Sanchez family had an idea of how to have one more day of fun.

Kim and Mike Sanchez, along with their kids Jack and Lily,  decided to host a doggie pool party. They wanted the event to benefit a good cause, and their dog Tucker was the perfect inspiration.

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Posted by Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters on Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Sanchez family found Tucker at their local animal shelter, Furkids, after they lost one of their beloved Beagles. The little dog soon became a valued member of their family. They decided to dedicate their pool party to Furkids in thanks for bringing them together.

Before anyone could jump in, Kim sought approval from the HOA and community board members. They had to talk to the pool management company to make sure furry swimmers wouldn’t damage the filters, but they got green lights all around. After passing all that red tape, they picked a date, and the HOA put up an announcement on their Facebook page. Kim told iHeartdogs,

“Our neighbors all thought it was a great idea! Something different than many of the social events that our neighborhood offers throughout the year.”

Image Source: Kim Sanchez


When the big day arrived, dogs throughout the neighborhood came to the pool for some late-summer fun. A five dollar donation to Furkids got them through the gate, and all the dogs were free to swim, run, and play. Kim said 16 dogs showed up to the party.

“Some of them ran and played around the pool deck, some chased balls…but all had fun and went home tired!”

Image Source: Kim Sanchez


At the end of the day, the Sanchez family collected $83 for the homeless dogs at Furkids. Their idea was a great success, and they’re looking forward to next summer when they plan to make the Hampton Hall Doggie Pool Party a neighborhood tradition.

Featured Image Source: Kim Sanchez

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