New In-Home Amazon Delivery Option Poses Problems For Dog Owners

Amazon shoppers are excited to test out the newest idea in online shopping that lets the company drop off packages inside homes. The system works by using a combination of a smart door lock and an in-home security camera. There have been mixed reviews so far from people testing out the service, but dog owners are having trouble getting on board.

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Posted by on Friday, August 26, 2016

After spending between $250 and $320 on the necessary technology and downloading the Amazon Key mobile app, the theory is that Amazon shoppers can finally stop worrying about their packages being damaged or stolen after being left on the doorstep. The app, lock, and camera work in coordination to provide the Amazon delivery person with temporary access to the home.

The program ensures the driver has the right package at the right house and remotely unlocks the door while the camera turns on to monitor their movements. Once the package is delivered, the delivery person is prevented from moving on to the next house until the door is properly closed and locked.

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Posted by on Friday, November 11, 2016

That’s how it’s supposed to work, at least. Most of the reviews about the service applaud Amazon for creating a simple and seamless solution to a tired problem, but it doesn’t work for everyone. If you have a dog, for example, your packages won’t make it inside your home. Amazon trains their drivers to listen for sounds of barking or scratching at the door before entering a home. If they determine there’s a dog loose inside, they leave the package outside and never open the door.

Todd Haselton with CNBC didn’t think his 10-pound dachshund would be a problem when he signed up for Amazon Key. He left a note in the app about having a dog, but he was surprised and disappointed to find his package left outside. He doesn’t think it’s fair to crate his dog for the purpose of convenient package delivery, and he has a mixed review about the service.

Amazon Key changes how packages are delivered — just beware of your dog from CNBC.

Amazon has their dog policy to ensure the safety of both the delivery person and the dog. Not every dog will react kindly to a stranger entering their home when their owner isn’t around. Amazon also doesn’t want dogs to slip out the open door and run away while the delivery person is maneuvering the package inside. Both are valid concerns, and Amazon’s only current way around them is to have dog owners crate or otherwise restrain their pets on days they’re expecting a delivery. Customers will need to contact Amazon to let the delivery driver know the dog is there but unable to make it to the door.

For dog owners that prefer to give their pets free roam of the house while they’re way, Amazon’s in-home delivery isn’t ideal. There’s also the concern of needing to turn off your security system on days you’re expecting a package. Many believe Amazon will eventually resolve these kinks, so if you’re still interested, stay tuned for possible improvements.

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