Nobody Loves Their Job More Than Kohl, Boise State University’s Tee Dog

If you want a job done right, you gotta hire the best. The folks at Boise State University know this, and that’s why they have Kohl, an 8-year-old black lab as their official tee-retriever! Because who better to fetch than a retriever?

Cowboy Kohl is the most recent dog employed by Boise State’s Broncos to fetch the kickoff tee from the field. He took up the post last year after Zee, the previous tee-dog, retired after 6 years with the Broncos. And it looks like he’s doing a fantastic job!

Kohl sits, alert and ready on the sidelines waiting for his time to shine. He zips out onto the field once the play is over, picks up the tee, and is off the field again in the blink of an eye! You don’t see a human tasked with that job do it with such zeal!

You can tell that this is Kohl’s dream job – he’s having such a good time! If there were anyone working for love of the job and not money, it’s definitely this fella.


Featured Photo: Screenshot, @jjbadluck/Twitter

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