Older Shelter Dog Was Overlooked Until One Veteran Gave Her A Chance

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Oreo is an 8-year-old dog. In the shelter, potential adopters always overlooked her due to her age. Her ship finally came in when Sheena, active duty Navy, discovered the Border Collie mix at one of Pets for Patriots’ East Coast shelter partners.

Image Source: Pets For Patriots


Sheena serves in one of the busiest ports in the nation. Since adopting Oreo, she has learned that Oreo’s favorite foods are boiled chicken with rice, and her desert of choice is peanut butter with non-dairy frozen yogurt. Oreo walks beautifully on leash, is incredibly sweet and calm, and loves long hours lounging on the couch. She is an excellent example of how well – and easily – an older pet can fit into a new home.

Oreo’s new mom is equally thrilled with her new best friend. She is the love of the neighborhood and enjoys making new friends of both the two and four-legged variety. But perhaps Sheena sums up this adoption best:

“She makes my hard days and long hours at work worth it, coming home to her.”

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