Over 1,200 Dachshunds Create Quite The Spectacle All For A Good Cause

Unsuspecting park goers were in for an adorable surprise this weekend when they came across what’s thought to be the largest gathering of four-legged sausages to date.

Over 1,200 Dachshunds donned their leashes and dragged their humans out of the house to participate in the mass gathering at Heaton Park in the UK.

The group of dogs and dog lovers went on a 90-minute walk all together and raised money for two charities devoted to the breed’s health and well-being.


The first charity, Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD, provides care and disability aid to dogs suffering from Intervertebral Disk Disease. Research shows up to 25% of Dachshunds five years old and older suffer from some degree of the painful condition.

An emergency Dachshund rescue organization called The Red Foundation also received financial support, thanks to the event. The Red Foundation focuses on saving dogs from dangerous situations and finding them safe homes where they’re loved and well cared for.

The human mastermind behind the event, Julie Barbour, is a member of a group of UK dog owners called the North West Dachshund Owners, according to an article by Manchester Evening News. She got the idea from a few similar events held in other areas of the UK, and the two charities were chosen based on the good work they do for local dogs in need.

Dachshunds dominated the crowd, but there were also dogs of other breeds there to support their long-bodied friends. Dogs came dressed in their best outfits with some of them sporting classy attire like bow ties and tutus. More than a few characters also showed up in costume. Dogs walked the designated route through the park with hot dog buns hugging their sides, complete with condiments. One dog even stayed close to their owner thanks to a leash made to look like linked sausages.


While hot dogs and sausages were the implied themes, but the day was mostly about meeting new friends, learning about the breed, and supporting an important cause. A similar gathering in Cornwall last year brought a grand total of 601 Dachshunds together, but the Manchester event has far exceeded that accomplishment. Attendees and organizers of the great sausage walk in Manchester are convinced they’ve set the record. They’ve set the bar high, and everyone involved reports having a great time in support of a special breed.

Featured image via Twitter/Manchester News

h/t: Manchester Evening News

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