Dog Found Nearly Dead Recovers & Goes Home With Her Soldier, Thanks To Support From Customers Like You

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Formerly a stray, Aida was shot and had 14 wounds. Here is her story, told by her soldier:

“One of the pilots discovered this girl laying on our base, near our housing area. She was on the ground, and she wasn’t moving. The pilot approached her concerned that she might actually be dead. As she approached her tail started to wag, and she looked at her, but other than that she wasn’t moving. 

“The pilot saw blood on her head and her legs. She started calling base agencies, and the fire department happened to be driving by. She flagged them down, and they advised her to call our Military Working Dog veterinarian. She stayed with the pup for an hour until the vet arrived. 

Image Source: Greater Good


“We thought she had been hit by a vehicle, then the vet brought her in and began treating her. It turns out she had been shot several times with the worst injuries to her back leg. The vet said they would care for any animal in a life-threatening situation, but after that, they had to release her off of our base a fair distance away to deter her from returning. She was released from the veterinarian office once she had recovered to someone willing to hold her until arrangements could be made to get her to the states; however, she got loose on accident in the process.

“I met her after this incident when she followed me to the gym one morning, and we became instant friends. Since that time I kept seeing her around base and would spend as much time with her as she would let me. When she randomly showed up one morning sitting at the front door of our squadron, I knew that it was a sign and we had to get this little pup back home.  Recently, she has been admitted to the vet again for an ear infection, but he has assured us that it is nothing too serious and can be treated with some antibiotics. 

“She is a fighter and deserves a good life after all she has been through. My plan is to adopt her myself. She is a friendly, goofy character. In spite of her serious and painful injuries, she responded extremely well to treatment that included a lot of painful poking and prodding, during which all this pup wanted to do was give kisses. She never had to be muzzled regardless of what was being done to her. 

“She is friendly, walks great on a leash, never messes in her kennel (only goes outside) and seems to be a low energy dog. She loves to eat and weighs 75 pounds. She is already responding to a few basic commands as well. She is a sweetheart.”

Image Source: Greater Good


Aida now is in Spokane, Washington living with the pilot and his wife and son. The family dog and Aida are friends, and Aida is extremely good with their 3-year-old son. She has found her family!

A grant provided to Puppy Rescue Mission by helped Aida get to the US from an overseas conflict zone.

When you shop at, part of your purchases support various charities, making happy endings like this one possible!

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