Pet Umbrella Protects Your Pup From The Rain

Pet Life “Pour” Protection is an umbrella made just for your pet!

No more laying down newspaper when the rain clouds start rolling in. You can take your best friend for his walk, rain or shine, without fear of sunburn or wet-dog-smell. Perfect for sun shower or rain shower, this umbrella will protect your pet from whatever elements nature throws at you!

It’s designed like a traditional umbrella, with the difference being that it opens AWAY from the handle and includes a chain that will attach to your dog’s collar or harness, so you’ll only need one hand to both walk your buddy and keep him dry.

Dog umbrella, where have you been all our lives?! Enjoy the outdoors with your pup, whatever the weather!

Pet Life “Pour” Protection is available (in several chic colors) at PetSmart!

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