Photo Of Florida Cop Napping With His K-9 Partner Reminds Us Of Their Sacrifice

Heartwrenching photos of imperiled animals, huddled survivors, and property destruction continue to surface as Hurricane Irma assaults Florida. One image seems to perfectly capture an often overlooked group affected by such disasters – first responders. The photo depicts an exhausted officer catching a quick nap on a cot. He has no blanket and only a thin towel for a pillow, but what he does have is his beloved partner by his side.

The image, posted to Twitter by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, shows Officer Kenneth Somma clutching K-9 Eddie’s paw in his hand as they sleep. It is captioned “#WeAreInThisTogether, #HurricaneIrma.”

Hurricane Irma made landfall in southern Florida on Sunday, mere weeks after Harvey decimated parts of Texas. Irma continues to bring heavy rain and powerful winds as it travels up the Gulf Coast.

The photo of Officer Somma and K-9 Eddie is an important reminder of all the brave rescue workers risking their own safety to protect their communities throughout these recent disasters!


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Featured Image via Twitter/Fort Lauderdale PD

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