Prepare To Fall In Love With Cletus The Stylish Special Needs Dog

Eight months ago, a very special dog arrived at Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) in Los Angeles. The odd looking chocolate Chihuahua mix was found wandering the city streets. Best Friends staff estimate that the dog they named Cletus is about two-years-old. He was born different from other pups with a crooked nose, a massive overbite, and fused joints that cause him to walk with a signature shuffling gait.

Despite his differences, Cletus has a sweet, sassy spirit that instantly wins the hearts of all who meet him. Sadly, his fans at BFAS discovered there is nothing to be done about his malformed joints. In order to minimize the hump in his back, they began dressing him in stylish sweaters.

Cletus was instantly placed with a loving foster family. Soon after, he found his perfect forever home!

We may never know how Cletus lived his first few years of life, but from now on he will have all the love, support, and cozy sweaters any pup could ever ask for!

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H/T & Featured Image via Best Friends Animal Society

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