Pup Mom Uses PowerPoint To Persuade Her Boyfriend To Adopt A Shelter Dog

Haley Tabarangao and her boyfriend Colton Scheer are already the proud pawrents of Yams, a 12-week-old Newfoundland pup. While they are smitten with the adorable fluffball, Haley couldn’t help but notice an 8-year-old shelter pooch named Gary patiently awaiting his forever home at the local Humane Society.

Gary has likely been overlooked because of his age, but that didn’t stop Haley from falling in love!

“The shelter speaks very highly of him, I just think most people want a younger dog,” she told Unilad. “His face in the picture they have really reminded me of my old dog, Bohdie, who passed almost two years ago. He’s very happy looking and I just knew I had to save him!”

Image Credit: Petfinder/Humane Society of the South Platte Valley


Haley decided to utilize an inside joke she shares with Colton in order to convince him that Gary should be theirs.

“I would always give pretend presentations when I found a dog I liked before we got Yams, but Gary is different and I felt like I had to really make a point to my boyfriend,” Haley said. “So, I just made this PowerPoint really quick on my phone and sent it to him at work.”

Image Credit: Haley Tabarangao


The presentation was brief and designed to tug at Colton’s heartstrings. At least one of Haley’s bullet points must have hit home, because soon the couple were on their way to meet Gary with Yams in tow!

Image Credit: Haley Tabarangao


The two dogs got along famously, and the humans also went gaga for Gary!

Image Credit: Haley Tabarangao


As of the writing of this post, Haley and Colton have submitted an adoption application. They hope to hear from the shelter in the next few days and make Gary a permanent member of their loving family.


H/T to Unilad

Featured Image via Haley Tabarangao

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