Pup Parent Discovers The Best Way To Wake The Sleeping Puppy

Everyone who’s ever raised a puppy knows that they can go from hyper to exhausted, then back again in two seconds flat! They may be playing full force, then suddenly curl up for a nap – and when they wake up, it’s time for more fun!

The pup in the video below has this type of youthful energy. At first he’s fast asleep on the couch, but as soon as he hears his kibble hit the bowl, he bounces up like a spring!

Watch the adorable puppy below:


Source: Puppy wakes from deep sleep for aggressive food time by holicpet on Rumble


Imagine having that kind of energy when you get up first thing in the morning! This pup’s human certainly knows how to get the snoozing baby up and at ’em.

This hilarious video is one of a million reasons why we love puppies so much! Share it with someone who could use a smile today.

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