Senior Stray Dog With Hardly Any Fur Gets Rescued, Rehabilitated, & Grows A Gorgeous Coat

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As told by Dog It Dig It Rescue:

“Miss Opra was found as a stray in horrible condition in the busy city of Indianapolis. She had a hunched back, protruding spine, was full of parasites, mammary tumors, rotten teeth and had little hair. The rescue coordinator texted me photos while I was at my job. I immediately said yes. It broke my heart to see her. 

Image Source: Greater Good


With the high-quality food donated by Rescue Bank that we have been able to provide Miss Opra for the past eight months, she can now walk down the steps to go outside on her own. She enjoys walking around in the grass and rolling in the dirt.

Image Source: Greater Good


Covered in beautiful fur, she has put on a pound of weight that she desperately needed.

Image Source: Greater Good


She is happy. She wags her tail and looks forward to her meals. She is still an older woman, but her quality of life has GREATLY improved.   

Image Source: Greater Good


I honestly cannot tell you the impact Rescue Bank has made for our rescue. We receive no city or government funding and a lot of things that we need come out of our pockets from employment outside of rescue. Without this generous help, I do not know that we could continue to save animals.” 

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