Sickly Dumped Dog Recovers When She Gets The Help She Needed

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible. 

Betty was approximately three years old when she was found dumped on a county road by Dogs Etc of Texas. This lab mix had apparently been homeless for quite a while. Her condition was severe. Although she was friendly she was anemic, covered in parasites, had a bacterial infection and demodex mange (complete hair loss). Betty’s front teeth were worn down from what the rescue assumed was chewing on the chain while she did have a home. No bottom front teeth remained. Betty was definitely in failing health.



It took approximately one year, but Betty has been returned to complete health and weight. This is in large part due to the donations of pet food from‘s Rescue Bank program.

“You have provided much needed food to help rehabilitate and return to health many of our rescues. This leaves more money available for completed vetting and health care. We are also better able to maintain the kennels and exercise yards for our babies. Without the support of Rescue Bank, our labor of love would be almost impossible. You are our angels. Thank you again for all your support.” – Dogs Etc of Texas

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